While most of the internet is focusing on big technologies Sony should put in their future cameras, there are little things that certainly can be improved. The first one is the tripod thread on the RX100 cameras. Believe it or not, Sony didn’t put it right under the lens. It’s the only thing this point-and-shoot…Continue Reading “Little things Sony can do to improve their cameras”

Sony held an event in New York earlier today. The keynote was as boring as the last one. It also didn’t help SonyAlphaRumors got the juicy details before Sony representatives had the chance to show everyone the new products. But the new cameras and lenses are here and they prove Sony believes in APS-C. I’m…Continue Reading “Sony breathes life into its APS-C line-up with new cameras and lenses”

The news that Nikon updated SnapBridge with RAW transfer capabilities should make Sony do the same thing. It shouldn’t be that hard. Sony users can already transfer RAW files through apps such as Cascable and Camrote. Therefore recent mirrorless and high-end point-and-shoots have the ability to send RAWs wirelessly. They just need a good app….Continue Reading “It’s time Sony gave users wireless RAW transfers”

sony rx100 III video creator kit

Sony just announced something with great potential. The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is aimed at first-time vloggers. After all, not everybody can spend $1200 on the latest RX100, not including accessories. But Sony’s latest “bunduru” includes the camera, two batteries, and the Sony vlogging mini-tripod with built-in controls. It’ll be yours for $800….Continue Reading “The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit Is Kinda Nice”