The G90 is Panasonic’s answer to the $900 question

There’s been a lot of excitement about Sony’s and Fujifilm’s latest two cameras. Although the a6400 and the X-T30 look different, they are quite similar. APS-C sensors, 4K recording, great autofocus and a $900 price tag (body only) to name a few. If you want to buy a camera at this price point, your mission […]


The Mac mini would be my best choice out of the current Apple lineup

Who would have thought the cheapest and simplest Mac would be the choice for the next computer? Starting a couple of days ago, I am one of those people. Here’s why. I am writing this article using the excellent keyboard of a mid-2012 13″ MacBook Pro. Normally I use the laptop as a desktop. It’s […]


Getting Into Photography (Part I)

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. What you see above is a Zenit 11. It’s a tank of a camera. Soviet-made, heavy, very cold in the winter, the Zenit 11 is what you would find in socialist Romania. It’s what my father used for many years […]