Vintage Lens: Tamron Auto 300mm f/5.6

I have a few vintage lenses at my disposal, so I’m going to write about them. The first one is the Tamron Auto 300mm f/5.6. Built between 1972 and 1973, the lens cost around $50 last summer when I wanted something with more reach. One thing that annoys me when searching for new gear reviews […]


Nikon has joined the APS-C mirrorless party with the Z50

It’s hard to believe Nikon is the second camera company to have a mirrorless system with the same mount for both its full frame and APS-C models. That’s a good start for the newly announced Nikon Z50, a 20-ish megapixel mirrorless camera, that can shoot 11 fps and 4K 30p. There are some good things […]


Be happy with your camera

The internet comment section is heavily focused on specs, rather than what makes a camera a joy to use. The newly announced Sony A9II is the perfect example. Sony already had a highly praised sports professional camera – the A9 – and they improved upon the things pros need: ergonomics, dust and moisture resistance, faster […]