2020 Photography Goals

January 1st is a good day to plan for the next 365 days. Here’s what I’d like to accomplish in 2020:

  • Get out of the city more often and embrace landscape and astrophotography;
    • Buy a good tripod;
    • Plan ahead of shooting;
  • Complete the Dogwood 52 photography challenge and post the results every week. I can’t find the challenges for 2020 and the website isn’t loading. However, the 2019 challenges are more than enough;
  • Leave the car and rediscover the city on foot. Set the aperture to f/8 and have fun;
    • A used Sony 20mm f/2.8 would make the experience more enjoyable;
  • Embrace the DJI Mavic Mini‘s shortcomings. Yes, I got one for Christmas. It can’t shoot RAW and it doesn’t have Auto Exposure Bracketing as the Spark had. Yet. It’s fun though.
DJI Mavic Mini Panorama
  • Build up the courage to delete photos I don’t like;
    • Tidy the Lightroom library;
  • Experiment more, get in a position where photography is always exciting;
  • Build a portfolio.

unsplash-logoJavier Allegue Barros

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