2022: the year Sony must step-up its APS-C game

Now that Sony has announced the A7IV, it’s time the company turned its attention to the next APS-C models.

Modern specs

So what features should the next a6000 series camera borrow from its bigger full-frame brother? Here’s my shortlist:

  • A new 24-megapixel sensor, packed with the latest autofocus and color science features;
  • The new menu system, paired with a more detailed vari-angle touchscreen;
  • 4K60p 10-bit video recording;
  • A bigger body, with a more efficient cooling system;
  • USB-C, faster WiFi for wireless RAW tranfers to a smartphone.

These are the must haves for Sony to move forward. Weirdly enough, the company could also look in the past and bring back some things.

A touch from the past

Recently I bought a used A5100 which I intend to use solely for astrophotography. This little camera has a couple of features I never knew I missed.

The first one is the zoom rocker that hugs the power button. It’s great for using Clear Image Zoom when shooting videos, especially when pairing the camera with a prime lens. It’s also nice when zooming on the photos I took.

The second one is the SD slot placement. Instead of being next to the battery, the slot is placed between the microHDMI and microUSB, making it very convenient to insert and remove. I know the a6000 cameras are already very tightly packed, but if Sony decides to increase the size for better cooling, its engineers should also consider moving the SD slot.

Final words

Sony has announced it stopped production for some cameras, including the a6400 and the black a6100 version. Next year, these cameras will be 3 years old, making them harder to recommend for first time mirrorless users, those looking to switch systems or for those using older Sony cameras.

2022 could be a great opportunity for Sony.

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