Building the next generation Sony mirrorless camera

What would you do if you were in charge of Sony’s cameras? How would you design the next APS-C camera? Before you build your wishlist, here’s what I want.

Meaningful software

Before I get to the hardware, here’s what I want Sony to do: acknowledge the smartphone is a more capable device than a camera. Once they do that, it’ll be easier to design a proper camera. Here’s a shortlist of software features I want in the next generation Imaging Edge mobile app:

  • RAW transfers;
  • 4K transfers;
  • Intervalometer with the Angle-Shift Add-on;
  • Camera firmware updates;
  • Settings profiles.

I know the latest models have a timelapse mode built-in, but you still have to manually stitch the photos in post. It’s nice to have the final timelapse straight from the camera.

Modern hardware

Samsung has done it about five years ago, so there’s no reason for Sony not to include a brighter display. After all, Sony’s a brand that’s very proud of their Bravia TVs. I’m not a fan of touchscreens on cameras, so they can skip that.

The second thing they need is better WiFi. If they’re going to make RAW and 4K transfers possible through their app, the current speeds of my a6300 aren’t something to brag about.

Since everybody’s turning to USB-C, it’s only logical Sony should put it in their next APS-C camera. It’s already in their A7 cameras, so this one isn’t that hard to pull off.

Last but not least, steal Canon’s shutter close when changing lenses. Without a mirror in the way, my a6300 sensor has gathered quite a lot of dust in the past two years. Having a layer of protection is always a good idea.

Add more function

I love how compact and portable my a6300 is. Paired with a kit lens, the 16mm f/2.8 or the 20mm f/2.8 lenses it becomes a very capable street shooter. When it comes to having all the important stuff right at my disposal, Sony can do so much better.

For starters, they should add a front dial. The current design makes it nearly impossible since the grip can only fit three fingers. Adding a dial would make handling problematic. So the next body needs to be a bit taller.

Next in line should be the Record button. It’s already been moved on the A7 cameras. Anywhere would be better. It would also be easier to reposition should the next body become taller.

One thing I loved about the Sony a5000 was the SD side door. Every a6000 camera has the card slot right next to the battery. I’m not going to waste time explaining why the former solution is better than the latter. It just is.

This is what I expect from Sony. They’re not going to get all of the specs I want in a single body, but I’ll be happy to have even a few of them. One thing I hope they keep is the rangefinder style.

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