Entry-level ILCs might be marketed to the wrong audience

canon m200
Girl taking a selfie with a Canon M200 camera

The Canon M200 is the latest entry-level interchangeable lens camera that uses hip and likable young people in the adverts. And I get the idea. Young people want to look as good as possible on social media.

Smartphones may be more convenient to use, but they lack the benefits of a bigger sensor and dedicated lenses. However, smartphones are always within reach and thanks to computational photography, the same young people don’t need to know about aperture priority or fast lenses.

Moreover, vertical shooting has been a thing for the past three years. Camera makers are just now starting to launch cameras with features for users who like to shoot this way. Basically, camera manufacturers are playing catch-up. Chances are young people will switch to something new before the Canon M200 reaches the end of life.

What Canon and the rest should do is target their entry level ILCs to young parents. They too have nice smartphones, but toddlers and children aren’t really known for their posing skills. They move about, the lighting is not always great, and no matter how good a camera phone claims to be, chances are photos will turn out blurry.

Parents will need a better camera, one that doesn’t cost as much as a top of the line smartphone. The Canon M200’s $550 price tag is great for what it offers: a 24-megapixel sensor, fast autofocus (Dual Pixel and Eye-AF), a flippy screen, wireless transfer, and a silent shooter. I’d imagine all these things matter to a parent who wants to preserve better than average quality memories.

Sure, the parents aren’t as hip as the youngsters. But I’ll bet they’re more willing to spend the money on a camera such as the Canon M200. Their memories are more valuable than an Instagram Story that will disappear in 24 hours.


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