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Sony has a camera naming problem

Rumours of a Sony a6200 and an a6700r coming in 2024 have reminded me the Japanese have a naming problem

Sony a6700: room to grow

The new Sony a6700 shows there’s room in the line-up for a high performance APS-C body. Because they announced it

Why the Zeiss ZX1 failed

On paper, the Zeiss ZX1 should have been a massive success. It was made by one of the best names

Sony needs a bigger APS-C camera

Sony cameras are great if you want to travel light – I’ve already written about how good the Sony E

The new Sony ZV-1F has one major flaw

Sony just announced an entry-level camera for aspiring vloggers. Priced at just $500, the Sony ZV-1F misses some features found

Sony FX30: a new hope for APS-C

Even though the new $1800 Sony FX30 is meant for videographers, it gives me hope for the a6000 cameras. After

2022: the year Sony must step-up its APS-C game

Now that Sony has announced the A7IV, it’s time the company turned its attention to the next APS-C models. Modern

Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN: I already love it

The first lens I ever bought for my Sony a5000 was the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN Art. The first one

Now that the ports are back, Apple needs to bring them to its cheaper MacBooks

It’s not surprising Apple decided to bring back the most popular ports to its new line of MacBook Pros. They

Sony FX3 needs one feature to succeed

There aren’t many cameras that can make my jaw drop. This little Sony FX3 did. The specs are still a