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Little gem: drone videos as screen savers

What better way to enjoy your drone clips than having them as screen savers? I was browsing YouTube and came

VIDEO: 48 hours with the Fujifilm X100

It’s 2011 and the hottest camera on the market is the brand new Fujifilm X100. 11 years later, this little

Coffee: a short video

We live in strange times. I haven’t stepped outside the building since March 12. Colleagues are staying home, meetings are

Want: Nikon ES-2

I’m not defined as an impulse buyer. However, the Nikon ES-2 triggered something in me. I admit I didn’t know

S-Log3 experiment with the Sony a6300

In January 2018 I bought the Sony a6300. It replaced my beloved a5000, bringing upgrades such as a viewfinder, better