DJI got the size and weight right with the Mavic Mini

dji mavic mini

There were a lot of camera related announcements. The one that stood out for me is the new DJI Mavic Mini. It’s the cheapest drone in the range and features a few specs suited for beginners. The size and weight are the ones I feel matter the most.

In a world where smartphones have given users many features in a very convenient way, carrying extra things is not that sought upon. I do believe DJI needs to be commended for making the Mavic Mini weigh less than 249 grams. However, the size it what impresses me the most. It has a smaller footprint than any modern smartphone and this might convince users to throw it more often in their bag.

This means users will learn faster how to fly and how to take photos and record videos of landscapes. It won’t matter that the dynamic range isn’t that great to begin with. The new perspective will make users fall in love with having a drone. And the up to 30 minutes battery will make them love their Mavic Mini.

Romanian Landscape. Shot with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Notice the 1″ sensor manages to control the highlights in the sky. This was my first photo taken with a drone.

Sure, all the other specs are important as well. Recording in 2.7K is a step up from the Spark, the 24mm lens is a bit wider than the Mavic 2 Pro (see above), and the included remote control will make flying much easier than using the app on the smartphone.

Most important though: the DJI Mavic Mini the first drone I really want. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!

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