I miss concerts

Although the pandemic has changed everybody’s lives, I’ve managed to do some of the things I considered mundane prior to mask mandates and vaccines. Getting lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant, watching a movie in a theatre (by the way, I can’t stop thinking about just how good Spider-Man: Now Way Home is) and going on vacation have made my life better.

The one thing I miss though is going to a concert. These past two years I’ve only managed to attend one concert at the Summer Well Festival in 2021. I was vaccinated, there were few cases reported each day, so it felt safe to attend. It was a nice taster, but it couldn’t match the experience of (for instance) 90.000 people reacting to Robbie Williams’s showmanship.

It’s not just the big stadium concerts that I miss. Rooftop parties have their own thing going on. I guess it’s the atmosphere of people having a great time, leaving their worries at the entrance.

Nick Chicane in Bucharest, Romania, August 2017

People connecting to the artist’s music.

ATB in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, August 2015

People having a great time together.

Neversea Festival, Constanța, Romania, 2019

These are the things that I miss. Who knows, maybe 2022 is going to be better.

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