It’s time Sony gave users wireless RAW transfers

The news that Nikon updated SnapBridge with RAW transfer capabilities should make Sony do the same thing. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Sony users can already transfer RAW files through apps such as Cascable and Camrote. Therefore recent mirrorless and high-end point-and-shoots have the ability to send RAWs wirelessly. They just need a good app.

I used Cascable for about a year and a half. It has its highs and lows. It’s nice to send full RAWs on my phone, but the app will have a hard time pulling the previews from a full 32 GB card. However, Sony has what it takes to make the transferring process as smooth as possible.

One last thing: there’s always an article somewhere stating why camera manufacturers should build operating systems capable of editing photos directly on cameras. I don’t agree with that for a few reasons.

Number one: using a camera for anything other than shooting photos and videos is cumbersome. A smartphone will always be better suited for that. Number two: the Zeiss ZX1 camera was announced in October 2018. It still isn’t available. Number three: Samsung had a smart NX camera and we all know how well that went.

So a camera being good at only one thing isn’t a bad idea. We just need to get photos and videos on our smartphones as quickly as possible. It’s Sony’s turn to deliver on that.

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