Little things Sony can do to improve their cameras

While most of the internet is focusing on big technologies Sony should put in their future cameras, there are little things that certainly can be improved.

The first one is the tripod thread on the RX100 cameras. Believe it or not, Sony didn’t put it right under the lens. It’s the only thing this point-and-shoot has in common with my old Zenit 11. I know video Eye AF is nice, but having a properly placed tripod thread would be nicer.

Sony RX100vi. source

It would also be neat to have bigger strap hooks on both APS-C and full frame cameras. Ones that would stop the small triangular brackets from rattling. It would also make installing new straps easier.

My old Sony a5000. And the rattling bracket.

If it’s one thing I’d love Sony to steal from Canon is the closed shutter when changing the lens. It’s a brilliant feature because it’s so simple. Mirrorless sensors are getting dirty much faster than their DSLR counterparts. God knows how many times I used the blower on mine.

Canon EOS R. source

After the “disappointment” the new a6100 and a6600 camera delivered to the masses, there are some things I’d like to see on the future APS-C flagship. You can also call it the mini-A9. These features can be easily borrowed to the whole APS-C line in the future. In no particular order:

  • USB-C port;
  • Smaller display bezels, therefore bigger display area;
  • Side card slot;
  • A new place for the record video button. I’d like to see it next to the shutter.

What would you like to see on Sony’s next cameras?

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