Man With A Camera Has Logged In

I thought long and hard about getting a domain for writing in English. I’ve been throwing words at my Romanian blog for more than 9 years. As I became more and more passionate about photography, I realized writing in English was the next logical step in getting my ideas to as many people as possible. I tried Medium and LinkedIn only to realize I needed my own space to write about photography.

News, Reviews, and Opinion are the main categories. You’ll soon find out I write mostly about Sony since I started shooting with the a5000 and upgraded early last year to an a6300. This doesn’t mean I’ll blindly write about anything Sony announces. The world of photography is so interesting it would be a shame to focus on just one slice of the lens.

I don’t want to make this first post any longer than three paragraphs. Expect some blog tinkering and an article as to why I got into photography and (most importantly) why I chose Sony.

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