Nikon has joined the APS-C mirrorless party with the Z50

It’s hard to believe Nikon is the second camera company to have a mirrorless system with the same mount for both its full frame and APS-C models. That’s a good start for the newly announced Nikon Z50, a 20-ish megapixel mirrorless camera, that can shoot 11 fps and 4K 30p.

There are some good things about it. The ergonomics seem to be great: a deep grip, a front dial, and a touchscreen. On the downside, the display flips down to 180 degrees, which is useless if you use any tripod. The 4K has a 1.5x crop, which means the widest you can shoot with native glass is around 35mm (FF equivalent).

Speaking of glass, Nikon has also announced two lenses for the Z50: a 16-50mm pancake and a 50-250mm. Both are entry-level lenses that can be purchased together with the camera for $1349. Nikon has also revealed a lens roadmap. So far the only DX lens I see is an 18-140mm which will probably end up bundled with future mirrorless cameras. Not a lot for enthusiasts.

It’s only the beginning for Nikon and I hope they’ll invest in the mirrorless DX format. Not everybody wants a full frame camera. But having the option to upgrade without changing the mount is nice.

You can find out more about the new Nikon Z50 on DPReview.

By Dan Pandrea

Man With A Camera. Romanian, copywriter, content editor, photography enthusiast, and an electronic music fan.

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