Now that the ports are back, Apple needs to bring them to its cheaper MacBooks

It’s not surprising Apple decided to bring back the most popular ports to its new line of MacBook Pros. They proved they can listen to its pro users by launching a fully modular Mac Pro. By comparison, putting some ports on a couple of laptops is piece of cake. That’s why Apple needs to show the same love to its cheaper laptops.

The main reason for this is that HDMI, SD and MagSafe were once features meant not just for pros. The MacBook Air had an SD card reader. The cheapest MacBook Pro could output video through HDMI. All of them had MagSafe.

Rumours point to a MacBook Air redesign. The 13″ MacBook Pro should become the next MacBook. These are opportunities for Apple to bring back the much beloved ports.

What I’d like to see is a redesigned MacBook Air with the same two USB-C ports (I wouldn’t mind seeing just one), MagSafe and an SD card reader. The 13″ MacBook Pro replacement should add HDMI out. Come to think of it, people were expecting to see Apple announce a new Mac mini. It didn’t happen, but the upcoming model could really use an SD card slot.

My Mac mini, on top of a Chinese docking station that adds 4 USB-A ports, SD and microSD connectivity and a 2.5″ drive bay.

What’s your take?

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