sony rx100 III video creator kit

Sony just announced something with great potential. The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is aimed at first-time vloggers. After all, not everybody can spend $1200 on the latest RX100, not including accessories. But Sony’s latest “bunduru” includes the camera, two batteries, and the Sony vlogging mini-tripod with built-in controls. It’ll be yours for $800….Continue Reading “The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit Is Kinda Nice”

Whenever I see fans complain about anything, I try to look at things from the brand’s position. Game of Thrones fans lashed out at the writers for what they consider the worst season. Somehow I feel the fans are madder at a show that’s ending, rather than at a weak performance in the writers’ department….Continue Reading “High End​​ APS-C Sony E Mount Lenses Are Missing For A Good Reason”

sony e 16mm f/2.8

This is the Sony E 16mm f/2.8, one of the first lenses made for the E Mount system. It was released in 2010, a time Sony clearly wasn’t considering creating professional mirrorless cameras. Here’s why it’s the worst lens you can have as a Sony user. Optical Quality Pancakes aren’t known for their image quality….Continue Reading “Shooting With The Worst E Mount Lens: The Sony E 16mm f/2.8”