Peak Design Leash First Impressions

It’s no secret the hottest name in camera straps today is Peak Design. Out of their many offerings, I chose the Leash to replace the standard Sony Strap. Here’s what I found out.

Packaging is great

When a company goes the length to have good packaging, you know you are in good hands. It’s the same with the Peak Design Leash. Besides the strap, I found 4 anchors, one hex wrench, an anchor mount, two hooks, and a soft material pouch. Pretty good for an entry level product.

Strap texture is good for the neck

Every strap will rub against your neck. Fortunately, the Leash is made out of better materials than my Sony strap. The latter felt uncomfortable after a few minutes of use, whereas the Leash feels smooth on my skin.

The anchors make my life much easier

There are times I don’t want the strap attached on my camera. Before the Leash, I had to waste a few minutes to remove the Sony strap. With Peak Design’s quick release system, mounting and unmounting the strap is ridiculously fast and easy.

Peak Design says each anchor can hold up to 90kg. Although I believe them, I won’t test that weight and my light Sony a6300 should increase the anchors’ lifetime. Should they break, I won’t have to buy the whole product all over, only the anchors.

It changed the way I use my camera

Since the Sony strap was rough on my neck, I constantly kept the camera in my hand. The Peak Design Leash changed that. I discovered I love the sling configuration. I can use both my hands for handling other stuff, yet the camera remains close to my right hand. The length adjustment makes it easy for anyone to have the camera at a proper position.

Complaints? The anchor mount makes the camera’s tripod thread unusable. But that’s really nitpicking, considering Peak Designs sells an anchor plate that solves the problem. All in all, it’s a nice product. Time will tell if it’s actually great.

Final words

It’s nice to see companies put a lot of effort into something we take for granted. A camera strap is not the sexiest of accessories. Peak Design made it attractive with products such as the Leash.

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