Photographing birds with a manual lens

It goes without saying you will need a lot of patience. How much you ask? Whatever answer you’re looking for, in the end you’ll need to double it. You’re going to waste time trying to nail the focus, then you’re going to waste even more when reviewing the results in Lightroom. The upside is getting a good photo now and then.

Since most of Romania is on vacation, I went to the lake near my house and took some photos of some ducks and Eurasian coots, with the Samyang 135mm f/2. I didn’t get many sharp results, but the day was saved by a cute surprise.

Stretching mallard
Eurasian coot
Diving for lunch
Probably the best bird photo of the day
The great cormorant

As you can see, not a lot of photos to write about. I know the 135mm Sammy isn’t made for this type of photography, but it’s very good if you can get really close and nail the focus.

It’s great if you can find more static targets, just like the one below.

He stood by my side while I was trying to get as many bird shots.
He was also paying attention to the fish. Not so interested in birds though
I missed the focus on the eyes, but it’s cute enough to post it here.
I didn’t know Peroni came with its own branded cat – white coat with a blue collar.
Yes, fish are fascinating.

So less of a wildlife lens, more of a portrait one. On the Sony a6300 it acts like a 206mm f/3 full frame setup. It makes me really want the 70-350mm Sony. Christmas seems like the perfect time.

Another portrait subject. This one wasn’t that trusting
Last bird of the shoot

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