Photography Challenge #8

I was excited for this one. The eight challenge required some guiding lines. There were a lot of options, but in the end I used my drone for the shot. If you haven’t found out yet, I enjoy making panoramas out of multiple pictures. This Dogwood52 challenge gave me the opportunity to create two of them.

The first one was horizontal and required some Adobe Photoshop:

The one I ended up using on Instagram was the vertical one:

The great thing about these? It took me 5 minutes to raise the drone and take the shots I wanted and another 10 to stitch and edit them with Lightroom CC.

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time, I’ve accepted the Dogwood52 photography challenge. Every week has a different theme. You can check them out here. You can also see all my Dogwood52 photos in the Challenge category.

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