S-Log3 experiment with the Sony a6300

In January 2018 I bought the Sony a6300. It replaced my beloved a5000, bringing upgrades such as a viewfinder, better autofocus, and much better video. In the previous article, I mentioned experimenting more in 2020. So why not start with color grading?

I used the Sony 18-105mm f/4 G OSS as it’s the only one with stabilization that I have. There are a few images shot at 105mm and I think the OSS handled it pretty well.

As for the S-Log3 experiment, this is the time I actually researched how to properly expose when shooting in this picture profile. Crank it up just over +2.0 EV and you’ll have clean shadows.

Since S-Log3 worked out alright, I might experiment with Sony’s other popular picture profiles: S-Log2, Cine4, and Cine2.

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