Sony 20mm f/2.8: First Impressions

Sony 20mm f/2.8

I didn’t think I’d get the Sony 20mm f/2.8 this quickly. However, I realized the FE 50mm f/1.8 was barely used, so I decided to sell it. Within a week it was sold it was in the hands of a photography student. I, on the other hand, I found a Sony 20mm f/2.8 that was barely used, at about 60% of the retail price. And there’s some good news!

The first thing is it looks like new. I haven’t discovered bents or scuffs so far. The build quality is a visible upgrade from my 16mm f/2.8. Thankfully the same thing can be said about image quality.

The reason I wanted it so badly is because of its size and weight, making it ideal for street photography. After a few days of using it, I like it a lot. The focus ring is smooth, the unique lens hood fits nicely and can also hold 49mm filters.

I’m going to write a full review in a few weeks. Until then, here are some photos:

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