Sony a6700: room to grow

The new Sony a6700 shows there’s room in the line-up for a high performance APS-C body. Because they announced it 4 years after the a6600, it doesn’t seem like Sony held back. Still, I believe Sony can make an even better APS-C E Mount body.

I’ll start with the things that caught my eye. As a Sony a6300 user, I’m glad the a6700 has a bigger buffer (59 RAWs, as opposed to my camera’s 22), new autofocus features, 10-bit video recording, 4K120p, a bigger grip and a front dial. These will be great for most users.

But there are certain areas where specific photographers (wildlife mostly) need more. The 11fps feature is not bad, but it’s nothing new. In fact, the 9 year-old a6000 debuted this feature in 2014. The shortest exposure time is still 1/4000s, though you can take it to 1/8000s if you disable the mechanical shutter. This might not be enough for photographers who want as little rolling shutter as possible. Last but not least, the single card slot will keep a lot of professionals at bay.

With these in mind, can Sony actually deliver a performance focused APS-C camera? The better question is “would they?”. If and until that camera comes to market, here’s what it should offer.

  • 20 fps mechanical burst mode, no black-out;
  • at least dual SD card slots; the best option would be dual CF Express Type A slots, for a bigger buffer;
  • at least a 3.69-million dot EVF;
  • 1/8000s shutter speed;
  • an official battery grip, a first for Sony APS-C E mount;
  • top of the line wireless connectivity.

The only thing remaining is the name. Sony fans are suggesting “a7000”. I believe a camera with these specs should be named “a9000”. Nevertheless, there is room to grow in Sony’s APS-C line-up.

Image via DPReview

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