Sony A7R IV: Sony Needs Some Apple Magic For Its Keynotes

sony a7r iv

Like any Sony fan out there, I tuned in to Sony’s keynote. At one point the guy presenting the camera said he couldn’t go through all the features of the Sony A7R IV because there were time constraints. I immediately thought I would see more products (there were a lot of rumors lately). However, the keynote ended at the 30-minute mark. That’s a bit underwhelming.

I have to admit I’ve been spoiled by Apple and its keynotes. There’s a structure and the people on the stage seem to have really prepared for the presentation. I didn’t feel that with Sony’s event today. There were three people in front of the press. The last one actually gave the audience all the details. The one annoying thing I noticed was his “what do you think of THAT?” after revealing an important feature. I remember a guy saying “Please clap” at a certain event…

The one upsetting thing I remember (by the way, you can watch the whole keynote here) is a video showcasing the Sony A7R IV’s Video Eye AF. “Unfortunately we only have a 5-second clip to show you”. You would think a company selling over a billion camera sensors a year could do better. But that was actually what Sony prepared for the promotional videos, thus making the statement a poor choice of words. Sony could do so much better at these events…

As for the $3500 camera that was announced, the Sony A7R IV looks like a true workhorse. It’s been beefed up with better sealing, a bigger grip, dual UHS-II slots, a tasty 60-megapixel sensor and improved autofocus. Who would use such a camera you ask? I’m pretty sure Sony did their homework before releasing this camera.

Would you buy the Sony A7R iv for $3500 or are you just happy the third generation just became much more available? Here’s a quick look from Manny Ortiz:

Image via The Verge

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