Sony is finally embracing the cloud

The Imaging Edge Mobile app has a new icon. More important than that, Sony has just announced its new Creators’ Cloud service. It includes a new mobile app that will handle file transfers from compatible cameras, 4 cloud storage plans, 2 of them being absolutely free and new apps and a Premiere plug-in to make handling and editing videos better.

Sony announcing the new Creators’ Cloud service through the Imaging Edge Mobile app

This being Sony, a company that isn’t known for its long firmware support, bad news is inevitable. So let’s start with the good things.

You can get up to 25 GB of free cloud storage and up to 500 GB if you’re willing to pay. Pricing isn’t yet available. The new Creators’ App will be able to upload photos and videos. As far as I can tell, the workflow will require you to transfer media to your phone, then upload it online. I hope the app will have an automatic upload feature. Unfortunately, this is where the good news end.

A video from the new Creators’ Cloud homepage.

The first piece of bad news is the Creators’ App isn’t available yet. Well… sort of. Sony likes to put new badges on old apps and call it a new product. They did that with the PlayMemories Mobile app back in 2019. They did the same thing today, by applying a new icon to Imaging Edge Mobile. And they will do the same thing with the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus app, this spring.

Imaging Edge Mobile Plus is an app that works exclusively with the Sony ZV-1F. That should tell us Sony isn’t going to update many cameras to work with the upcoming Creators’ App. In fact, we know for sure the only compatible cameras will be the A7IV, A7RV, FX3 and FX30, after installing a new firmware. All of them should receive the new firmware this spring. Users with older cameras will have to settle for the current Imaging Edge Mobile app. It’s hard to believe those with the A1 are included in this category.

Anyway, this is a big step for Sony. All they have to do is prove they can make a decent smartphone app. The cloud storage will be a bonus.

You can read more about it here.

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