Sony should consider internal flash storage for their cameras

The new Nikon D6 got me thinking. Sony has backed itself into a corner by choosing SD cards for their cameras. If compactness is everything for them, sticking with SD can’t be good when the competition is using much faster formats. This is why I think internal flash storage could be an excellent idea, especially for the next A9 camera.

I know the Sony A9II was just announced, but most people admit it’s not that different from the first generation. Choosing internal flash storage will most certainly have buffer clearing benefits, a problem all Sony cameras are defined by. Starting with a 128GB storage option should please most sports and wildlife photographers. For those wanting more, Sony could implement one of three solutions:

First one: have a 256GB model next to the 128GB version. Smartphones have been doing it for years, laptops for even longer. Slap a $150 increase in price and everyone will be happy.

Second solution: external SSD storage through the USB-C port. The Samsung T5 drive is very compact, RAVPower has an even smaller external storage unit.

Third solution: use a microSD card slot. This is my least favorite one, as it will only solve the low storage problem, not the buffer clearance speed.

I know Sony has an SD card business. I’m not so sure it’s as lucrative as having pro cameras with internal flash storage.

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