Sony Xperia PRO will also be a camera monitor

Sony announced a couple of phones: the Xperia 1 II and the Xperia 10 II. These are an evolution from last year’s models. What caught my attention was the Xperia PRO, a smartphone Sony announced the development of.

Xperia PRO will also support an HDMI (footnote 2) connection, which allows the device to be connected to virtually any camera with an HDMI output. While using the camera as a monitor for interchangeable lens DSLR cameras or professional camcorders, it is possible to transmit broadcast video data during shooting to a server or cloud via 5G connection.

Sony Xperia PRO | The Verge

What’s funny about this statement is Sony mentioning DSLRs, rather than mirrorless cameras. Anyway, Sony may have realised one way to save its smartphone branch is to integrate Xperia with other products. The first ones will be cameras.

I believe the next one should be the future PlayStation 5. They already have apps such as Remote Play and Second Screen available for iOS and Android. Adding a video streaming feature just for future Xperia models should make the smartphones more appealing to gamers.

One other piece of news worth mentioning is the camera app developed for the new Xperia phones.

Sony Alpha users will feel at home shooting with the Photography Pro App

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