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Rainy Sunday

Nothing like a rainy day after a heat wave. It makes you be grateful for having a backyard. The photos

Visiting Rome with the Fujifilm X100

The Fujifilm X100 is a capable vacation camera. I took it last year to Prague. Although the Sony a6300 and

Seeing Prague through the lens of the Fujifilm X100

If you’ve ever wondered whether 12 megapixels are enough for a quick getaway in Prague, wonder no more. Although even

The Fujifilm X100 is back. This time for good

Back in January I rented the first generation Fujifilm X100. I wasn’t expecting much, but I immediately fell in love

VIDEO: 48 hours with the Fujifilm X100

It’s 2011 and the hottest camera on the market is the brand new Fujifilm X100. 11 years later, this little