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Photography Challenge #9

Time for some moody shots. As I said in my Instagram post last week, there’s two ways to do this.

Photography Challenge #8

I was excited for this one. The eight challenge required some guiding lines. There were a lot of options, but

Photography Challenge #7

The 7th challenge of the Dogwood52 photography project isn’t much of a challenge at all. It’s called “Selfie” and it

Photography Challenge #6

This one’s for those who believe a dedicated camera will make you a better photographer. To some extent it does.

Photography Challenge #5

The fifth challenge of the year revolved around landscape symmetry. Again, being in Thailand, opportunities were abundant: Palm trees are

Photography Challenge #4

Being two weeks away from home, with no laptop and unreliable internet speeds does take its toll when it comes

Photography Challenge #3

Black and white photography. It’s as simple as that. No rules, no themes, just black and white. During winter time,

Photography Challenge #2

Whenever there’s a foggy couple of days I get stressed. Usually, there’s no color to work with so I just

Photography Challenge #1

This is the first challenge of the year, part of the Dogwood52 calendar. The aim was to tell a story