The Fujifilm X100 is back. This time for good

Back in January I rented the first generation Fujifilm X100. I wasn’t expecting much, but I immediately fell in love with this camera. I even made a video with some of the photos I took.

Even though my Sony a6300 is better in every conceivably way, there’s just something about the Fujifilm X100 that made me hunt one down. About two and a half months and €260 (about $283) later, I have a Fujifilm X100 that I don’t have to return.

It’s in pretty good shape, the only notable marks being a few worn out buttons and a missing viewfinder switch cover. On the upside it came with a box, a filter adapter, UV filter, hood, spare battery and charger.

It won’t replace my main camera, but it will be there when I want to slow down and have a nice photographing experience.

PS: I strongly believe the Fujifilm X100 will become a classic camera. It might already be that.

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