The Latest A9II Firmware Update Shows Sony Is Listening

I own the Sony a6300, a camera that received the last firmware update more that two years ago. So you’ll forgive me for not giving version 2.0 for the Sony a9II too much attention. After all, hopes for my camera getting any updates have died a long time ago.

But the latest Sony a9II did introduce something really cool. A thing I talked about in a previous article – closing the shutter while the camera is turned off. I saw Petapixel mention it and it does show Sony is listening to the community. I’m not saying they read my article, but I can’t have been the only one expressing the need for this feature.

If only Sony would issue an update with this feature for all their recent cameras, including my beloved a6300…

Read about all the features version 2.0 brings to the Sony a9ii in the Petapixel article.

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