The new Leica M11’s features that got me excited

I watched a few Leica M11 first impression videos and I realised the German flagship is a lot like another German flagship, specifically the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. If you’re wondering what technologies might be available for a regular car ten years from now, you just have to look at the current S-Class.

I’ve already written how the modern camera needs new features in order to stay relevant in a smartphone dominant world. I’m glad Leica is thinking the same way. Here’s why the Leica M11 will pave the way for future cheaper cameras.

Internal memory

Forgetting SD cards is normal, but it won’t be a problem. The new Leica M11 has a 64 GB internal storage that can accommodate roughly 980 compressed RAW photos (based on this Sony A7RIV chart).

And if you do take more than 1000 RAW photos in a day, you can easily transfer them to your iPhone via cable and make more room. The USB-C port is nicely placed as well.

Firmware updates through the FOTOS app

This is perhaps even more important than the internal storage. Updating through a mobile app means you don’t have to worry about PC compatibility. For instance, Sony are still having problems updating firmware using a Mac.

And firmware is just the beginning. The FOTOS app can now geotag photos (not that impressive), but it could do so much more. Creating, storing and loading settings configurations should be a top priority. So is automatically changing the camera’s time settings for those photographers who travel a lot.

You can check out more about the camera in the following video:

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