The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit Is Kinda Nice

sony rx100 III video creator kit

Sony just announced something with great potential. The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is aimed at first-time vloggers. After all, not everybody can spend $1200 on the latest RX100, not including accessories. But Sony’s latest “bunduru” includes the camera, two batteries, and the Sony vlogging mini-tripod with built-in controls.

It’ll be yours for $800. While price will eventually go down, it’s kinda expensive for something that doesn’t record 4K. It’s a nice camera, don’t get me wrong. It’s portable, it has a 1″ sensor, a 24-70mm lens, OSS, built-in ND filter and a good video format (XAVC S). But at $800 I would start recommending other cameras that can record 4K.

Or I could recommend you buy the camera from the used market. You can have it for as little as $250. You could also grab the Manfrotto Pixi which is both cheap and good. With an extra battery and a 64GB SD Card, you’re looking at less than half what Sony is asking.

It looks like I’m bashing Sony. I’m not. For $800, you get the luxury of not having to go through eBay and Amazon. You’re getting the full experience in one package. You’re also getting a new product, with a warranty. Even if this is too much for you, Sony has most likely sparked some interest in a 5-year old point-and-shoot camera.

However, the Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is still capable, at least in Jason Vong’s hands:

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