The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit Is Kinda Nice

Sony just announced something with great potential. The Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is aimed at first-time vloggers. After all, not everybody can spend $1200 on the latest RX100, not including accessories. But Sony’s latest “bunduru” includes the camera, two batteries, and the Sony vlogging mini-tripod with built-in controls.

It’ll be yours for $800. While price will eventually go down, it’s kinda expensive for something that doesn’t record 4K. It’s a nice camera, don’t get me wrong. It’s portable, it has a 1″ sensor, a 24-70mm lens, OSS, built-in ND filter and a good video format (XAVC S). But at $800 I would start recommending other cameras that can record 4K.

Or I could recommend you buy the camera from the used market. You can have it for as little as $250. You could also grab the Manfrotto Pixi which is both cheap and good. With an extra battery and a 64GB SD Card, you’re looking at less than half what Sony is asking.

It looks like I’m bashing Sony. I’m not. For $800, you get the luxury of not having to go through eBay and Amazon. You’re getting the full experience in one package. You’re also getting a new product, with a warranty. Even if this is too much for you, Sony has most likely sparked some interest in a 5-year old point-and-shoot camera.

However, the Sony RX100 III Video Creator Kit is still capable, at least in Jason Vong’s hands:

By Dan Pandrea

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