Little gem: drone videos as screen savers

What better way to enjoy your drone clips than having them as screen savers? I was browsing YouTube and came across one of Tyler Stalman’s videos. In it he explains how to do it on macOS, but if you don’t have the time to watch it, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Download and install SaveHollywood;
  2. Go to this folder: /Users/yourusername/Library/Containers/ and put the videos you want as screen savers;
    • replace “yourusername” with your actual user name;
  3. Open System Settings, go to Screen Saver, select “SaveHollywood” and hit “Options”;
  4. Drag and drop the videos from the Preferences folder (step 2) in the Options window;
    • I suggest ticking the “Play in random order” option;
    • Select “Sized to fit screen”;
    • If you have videos with audio, make sure you select the “Mute” option
    • Press “OK”.

You can see the whole setup process in Tyler’s video:

One of the videos currently running as a screen saver is the one I took in Lefkada, Greece, almost 2 years ago:

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